bathroom indicator locks

You’ve probably never thought about how secure your bathroom door lock might be. Either it’s at your home or at your office, you have to consider how impenetrable the locks are and how much privacy they bring.

May 19, 2018

Bathroom privacy lock rather than bathroom security lock.

It seems clear that the bathroom locks are more for bringing some privacy than security itself. So probably when you are choosing a bathroom lock you pay attention how long it will last and to what extent this lock is reliable. You will probably also take notice of how convenient it will be for the users.

bathroom door lock

It depends on a situation what kind of a lock you really need.

There are different kinds of locks exist. The first one is a privacy lock. This kind of door lock does not need any key. A door with such a lock can be opened by using a knob on the handle from the inside of the bathroom. The second type of locks is a deadbolt. This bathroom door lock is famous for its strength and the quality of being trustworthy. The deadbolt is usually built in above a knob and is used in public bathrooms. The next type is a keypad. These bathroom locks are used regularly also in public places. It is operated mostly in terms of controlling issues so an owner of a business may control what is going on in his/her bathroom. One of the great bathroom locks is an indicator lock. The lock shows occupied sign for bathroom door as well as a vacant sign. The vacant/occupied bathroom door lock is an amazing option in terms of the durability of the lock. Which means that visitors of the bathroom will not tug the door handle in order to check the availability, they will just see the sign vacant/occupied.

ADA-Compliant Locks.

Besides privacy, the lock has to be suitable for everybody. According to Americans with Disabilities Act any kind of discrimination is prohibited and the constraints which a door lock may cause is not an exception to that. So in order to comply with the law, some companies provided ADA-Compliant Collections of bathroom door locks. The collections are great for using at home or for your business entity.

It is clearly seen that it’s completely up to you what kind of a bathroom door lock to choose. It is also definitely worth to consider an installation of ADA Compliant locks, especially for your business enterprise.