28 July 2021

Types of Commercial Door Locks
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Table of Content

  • What is a Commercial Door Lock?
  • Types of Commercial Locks
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Strike Locks
  • Restricted Key Systems
  • Master Key Systems
  • Keyless Entry
  • Door Closers
  • Commercial Grade System Explained
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Benefits of Privacy Locks for Restrooms in Commercial Buildings
  • Why do You Need a Commercial Door Lock for Your Business?

What is a Commercial Door Lock?

Commercial door locks provide specific features geared towards businesses, particularly with regards to security. Depending on the needs of the business, there are many options available for commercial door locks. Different types of locks serve different purposes and there are varying grades of locks that provide different levels of security.

Read on to learn more about commercial locks and which type may suit your specific needs.

Types of Commercial Locks

There are six general types of commercial door locks commonly found on the market. These include:

Magnetic Locks

Most commercial settings where magnetic locks are used are in revolving doors. Using a sensor to operate, magnetic door locks work on doors that do not use a door knob or lever. The magnets are installed over the door frame and they operate through the use of a sensor.

Strike Locks

These locks operate with electricity and allow you to buzz in those who enter. These types of commercial locks are installed in conjunction with an intercom system or a doorbell. They require all visitors to be announced with the ring of the doorbell, and then let in upon the approval of someone inside. This kind of locking system ensures the safety of employees so they know who enters and exits the building.

Restricted Key Systems

Considered among the safest types of locks for commercial settings. These locks offer excellent security because even authorized users/ owners can only replicate keys so many times for them, ensuring only a limited number of people can enter.

Master Key Systems

For high-security buildings or commercial needs, master key lock systems allow access only to specific people, for specific locations within the building. These locks are designed to enable meticulous levels of high security by regulating access throughout the building, ensuring only authorized individuals may enter authorized parts of the building. Additionally, they are designed with built-in records for added assurance.

Keyless Entry

For some business owners, keyless entry door locks are favored for their convenience. The main benefit to these locks is that no physical keys are needed. The keyless entry function works securely using a passcode, security number, key fob, encrypted key card, or mobile credentials for entry, and like the name says, without keys.

Door Closers

Door closer locks contain mechanisms that shut doors automatically once someone has entered. These are the most common types of locks for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. These locks are known for their effective security functions, which keep doors closed and securely controlled at all times

Commercial Grade System Explained

Here is a breakdown of the different grades for commercial locks:

Grade 1

To be considered a “Grade 1” commercial lock, the lock must be heavy-duty and provide the greatest level of security.

Grade 1 locks are the most secure and designed for main points of entry for business and home use. These are the most secure, the strongest, and the most durable types of commercial locks. These locks can hold up to at least 800,000 opens and closes. They can handle six door strikes, a 360 lb weight test, 250,000 cycles, and 10 hammer strikes. To compare, Grade 1 locks can withstand twice as much use as Grade 2 locks.

Grade 1 locks are certified for use on external doors at high-traffic points of entry. These locks are designed to meet ratings specified for public buildings, for schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities, as well as other large capacity buildings.

Grade 2

Grade 2 locks are considered as the most popular commercial locks.

They offer more protection than typical home locks, and they are suitable for most businesses. Their hardware is rated for use on exterior access doors, in locations that experience medium or low levels of traffic. Additionally, they can be used for interior doors where there is a need for high security.

Grade 2 locks are often used in commercial office buildings, in storage facilities where valuables are kept, or for securely housing machinery and equipment. Privacy Grade 2 locks can be used for public restrooms as well. They are not as durable as Grade 1 locks, however, they surpass ratings for most apartment buildings and residential settings

Grade 3

Grade 3 locks are the lowest grade for locks, and they are certified to meet residential requirements.

These locks are considered “standard level.” The hardware they contain is ideal for light traffic locations. They are often found in apartment buildings but are not suitable for main points of entry. Additionally, they are commonly used for low-security offices, for storage locations that do not house valuables or expensive equipment, supply closets, employee break rooms, and other locations where heavy traffic does not occur.

However, while these are considered the lowest grade for locks, this does not refer to quality. These locks are designed for secondary points of entry and not for business or commercial use.

Benefits of Privacy Locks for Restrooms in Commercial Buildings

There are numerous benefits to having commercial privacy locks for restrooms in commercial buildings. Most notably, having secure protection is very important for both safety and peace of mind. Privacy locks with indicators are often used on single door stalls. These door locks have an indicator that alerts those outside whether the restroom is vacant or occupied. In the event of an emergency, these locks can be opened with specialized tools.

Why do You Need a Commercial Door Lock for Your Business?

Commercial locks for your business are a very good idea for protection. While you can probably get by with a standard residential lock, commercial locks offer added security that may come in handy to ensure your place of business is safeguarded against burglars and intruders. Simply, the harder a lock is to penetrate, the less likely your business will have to deal with being attacked. The more defenses you put up, the more protected you, your workers, and your business goods will be.

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