Best bathroom door locks for your business

For a business owner each detail counts. When you set up your premises and get ready for the first clients, don’t forget to think about the last, but not the least thing - door locks.

Except for the entrance door locks and inner locks, bathroom door locks is the category you should give special attention to for a few reasons.

How To Pick A Bathroom Lock?

Choosing bathroom door locks for your business is not an easy one-minute task. You should think through all the details and possible situations to make the best choice.

Here some reasons why you should do that:

  • Safety. It doesn't mean first and foremost that the lock should be difficult to pick or break. On the opposite, it means that in case of an emergency, it will be easy for the person inside the cabin to quickly get out. That's an important point, cause in some cases you have seconds for that. And if the lock is stuck for one or another reason, it can cost you a lot.
  • Privacy. Ask yourself a question about how comfortable it would be for your client to be in the restroom. It touches both the esthetic part and the accessibility to the cabin. When you see once that the cabin is vacant or occupied, then you will not try to break into the other person's private space. An appropriate door lock helps to avoid oops moments.
  • Longevity. Choose the most convenient restroom locks meeting the needs of your business and the peculiarities of your premises. If you don't want to replace the restroom latches often, take into account the factor of longevity. It depends on how many clients a day you have, who your regular clients are, and even their age (it will give you a slight idea of how careful they can be and, consequently, how often you will have to replace the latches).

Our little guide on the bathroom door locks types will help you to get a better understanding of the market, evaluate the options you have, and pick the right one.

Types Of Bathroom Door Locks

Different types of commercial bathroom locks give a different grade of privacy, security, and longevity of the door and the lock itself. We discuss the most popular and widespread among them.

Lever or Knob Lock

The simple knob or lever latch mechanism implies that the lock is actually installed within the lever or knob. These are the cheapest locks. Rather safe, when it comes to emergency cases, but certainly not the best choice if you need something durable.

Such a lock is easily closed from inside and if it has an indicator sign from outside, it can become a great solution for any business.

Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks, on the contrary, would provide the highest level of longevity, but can be not that good in the questions concerning emergency safety.

There are different types of deadbolts including single and double cylinder depending on the type of the mechanism opening - either from one side or from both. Usually, it is opened with keys.

There is also code lock type, which gives restricted access to those only who have the code.

Stall Lock

The simplest and the most widespread among the locks is the stall lock with a slide or thumbturn mechanism from inside. It responds to the basic restroom security, but it usually doesn’t give the high grade of privacy and longevity, unless it has an indicator sign.

Indicator Lock

Bathroom indicator lock with a clear in-use/vacant sign lets the people know when the cabin is busy and becomes a perfect choice if combined with a deadbolt or lever mechanism. It has a high level of security and longevity and would certainly provide privacy to visitors.

No matter which bathroom door locks you pick, it should correspond to your business purposes in the categories mentioned above.


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