If privacy is your top priority, a toilet door lock with an indicator is a perfect choice. Choose this month featured toilet indicator lock to get the best deal.

Toilet indicator locks

Take an important step towards your business progress by protecting your clients’ privacy. Toilet indicator lock seems to be a small detail to add, but all the great things start from such small trivia.

Protection of your needs

No one likes sudden intrusion into private space. Show the clients that you appreciate them and put reliable indicator door locks into your restroom. You’ll see how quickly the number of positive reviews about the spot will soar. Difficult to imagine, but many of them will thank you for such a good choice.

Vizilok toilet indicator locks

Our locks are made to preserve our clients’ privacy on the top level! Left/right side reversible and easy to adjust our toilet indicator locks will leave you and the customers coming to your place satisfied. No matter which business you run, the attentiveness to details is always rewarded. Public or privately run areas, both deserve high-quality door locks for security reasons.

Toilet indicator lock design

The importance of the esthetic part of indicator door locks design is usually underappreciated. It is not about the green-red sign which conveys a clear message to the visitor. It’s about the whole picture and how each detail should fit the area to bring a positive impression.

Vizilok offers several solutions to solve your design problem. Toilet indicator locks are available in several finishes to fit any door:

  • Satin chrome
  • Satin nickel
  • Polished chrome
  • Antique brass
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

Top class service

Reach our manager to choose the most suitable toilet door lock with indicator. Choosing us, you get a reliable toilet indicator lock to serve your needs for many years. ADA compliant door locks available. One year warranty on all locks.