Heavy Duty Door Locks

✓ Vandal-Resistant Design

✓ Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA A156.2 standarts compatible

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Heavy Duty Door Lock with Vacant Indicator
Heavy Duty Door Lock with Vacant Indicator
Heavy Duty Door Lock with In-Use Indicator
Heavy Duty Lock for Door

Heavy Duty Commercial Door Lock with Indicator

$ 139.99
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Heavy Duty Door Lock
Heavy Duty Door Lock
Heavy Duty Door Lock Entrance Lever
Entrance Lever and Lock

Heavy Duty Door Lock Entrance Lever

$ 55.00
$ 110.00
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1-3/8" Latch Faceplate For Heavy Duty Indicator Lock (optional)

$ 2.00
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Top Advantages of VIZILOK
Heavy Duty Commercial Door  Locks

We designed Heavy Duty Door Locks to accommodate the heavy trafficked facilities. With a stainless steel mechanism, large (3 5/8”) escutcheon they perfectly suit hollow metal doors as well as any wood commercial door. Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA Certified, meeting A156.2 standards, with left-right reversible lever they can serve the purpose in restaurants, medical offices, hotels and other commercial restrooms. Rust resistance dichromate finish is tested for Sault-Organic impact and can be used in-door and outdoor.
Tested to withstand 400 000 opening and closing cycles!

How Heavy Duty Locks for Doors Can Protect Your Commercial Property?

Heavy duty locks are devised for commercial purposes to fit thick metal doors and are correspondingly the most secure locks you can imagine. The simple heavy duty locks are a great choice for entryway, offices, cabinets or commercial premises. They are made highly secure to save your belongings.

Benefits of VIZILOK Heavy Duty Locks

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Clients Reviews

Aaron Hayward

Works perfectly for the handicapped bathroom we installed at church. Love that it clearly shows when the room is occupied so the guest does not have to jiggle the handle to see if it is locked.

Benjamin Hancock

Absolutely perfect! Donated them to a sand volleyball facility that had horrible door Levers. People were constantly being walked in on and others had anxiety as to even use the rest rooms. Problem solved with these indicator levers! Great product & well built.

David Parker

Ease of installation with built in accommodation for existing hole location. All hardware including screws and specialty tools supplied. Finish as described.


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