Heavy traffic demands heavy-duty commercial locks.

✔️ Available with privacy indicator or vandal-resistant entrance lever.
✔️ Designed for commercial doors including metal doors.
✔️ Replaces lock prepped for 3 5/8” rosette.
✔️ Reversible left-right door application.
✔️ 1-year warranty on all locks.

Our vandal-resistant lever design allows rotation even when the lever is in the locked position. Reversible left-right door application. Easy surface mount with a screwdriver.  


Heavy duty locks

Heavy duty door locks were devised for commercial purposes to fit thick metal doors and are correspondingly the most secure locks you can imagine.

Why choose heavy duty lock?

With or without indicator, heavy duty lock today would perfectly fit the door of any purpose. The simple heavy duty locks are a great choice for entryway, office or commercial premises. They were made highly secure to save your belongings. Such lock can also work as a bathroom door lock for public restrooms and privately run businesses.

Vizilok heavy duty locks

The commercial grade Vizilok heavy duty locks are a reliable option to secure the most precious you have and they are vandal resistant, meeting all the set standards of the door locks of their class. They were created to meet the needs of the most pampered clients:

  • Simple minimalistic design
  • Left/right reversible
  • Easy to install and use

Heavy duty indicator lock

On guard of your privacy. Choose heavy duty indicator locks to limit disturbances within the restrooms in your space. Vacant/occupied door locks to show whether you can come inside. Avoid ‘oops’ moments, respect the privacy of the other person.

You will be surprised and pleased with Vizilok heavy duty indicator locks

Due to the easiness of use and durability, our locks are perfect for public area restrooms as well as for office spaces and privately run businesses. Bathroom door lock is the detail that can attract clients clients and leave pleasant memories of your attentiveness and thoughtfulness.

ADA compliant door locks available. One year warranty on all locks.