Our bestselling all-in-one lock now closes with a single push of a button and is ADA-compliant. Features In-Use and Vacant indicators, and inside rosette with screw holes for easy installation and adjustment. Available in Satin Nickel, Satin Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Antique Brass for $125- $129.
These locks are handed, therefore check the side of your door hinges:
If you look at indicator (from outside) and your hinges are on the right side, you need to order 
If you look at indicator (from outside) and your hinges are on the left side, you need to order 

ADA Compliant lock

What means ADA compliant?

ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits any kind of discrimination against people with disabilities. To make modern conveniences and areas accessible for people with disabilities, the term ADA compliant was made up.

What is ADA compliant lock?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a door in public restrooms and office areas should be specifically constructed, namely, have an ADA door lock. Or, in case you have an indicator lock, it also should be ADA compliant lock.

Vizilok ADA compliant locks

Our locks correspond to the set rules to be ADA compliant. We pay attention to details, meaning you don’t have to worry about the right size of the lever or easiness of usage. Closing with a single push, Vizilok ADA compliant lock is quite easy and secure to use. Safe and durable.

Design and technical characteristics of the ADA compliant lock

You can choose the final design of your lock. ADA compliant lock is available in two finishes:

  • Satin chrome
  • Satin nickel

Commercial grade ADA compliant indicator lock can be left- and right-sided. You will not have any problems with installation, as you get a full and clear guidance on how to adjust it to the bathroom door.