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Privacy door locks

Occasionally you may need some space and time on your own doing your daily routine. Privacy door lock is the first thing that can protect you from any kind of disturbances. One click and you feel the relief of finally obtaining the intimacy you deserve.

Vizilok privacy door locks

Made to let you feel secure and safe in the private space of the public or office area. The escape you can get without any annoyance or sudden interference. You don’t have to think about the restroom door locks design and ergonomics anymore, we’ve already thought about it as well as about the easiness to install and adjust a lock to the door. They are left/right reversible lever and have emergency unlock slot just in case.

Privacy indicator locks

Occupied/unoccupied door locks clearly show if you need to stop for a while and give a person inside some more time. Indicator lock is a reliable and long-lasting option to fit any door. Our privacy indicator locks were designed with the clear in-use/vacant sign to avoid any confusion.


Choose the finishing touch to complement the design of your office. Or maybe you own a public area? Hotel, SPA, cafe, restaurant, beauty parlor or any other kind of private business? Privacy door lock is a pleasant detail that can positively surprise your client. Vizilok privacy door locks are available in next finishes:

  • Satin chrome
  • Satin nickel
  • Polished chrome
  • Antique brass
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

Complete the image of your bathroom with our privacy door lock. Show yourself as a hospitable and caring business owner.

ADA compliant door locks available. One year warranty on all locks.