Privacy Door Locks

Designed for spaces where privacy is paramount, our selection of privacy door locks offers robust protection with a focus on ensuring personal space remains uninterrupted. Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, fitting rooms, offices, and any area requiring solitude, these locks combine innovative features with sleek aesthetics to complement your interior while providing peace of mind.

Top Advantages Of Vacant/In-Use Door Locks

Vacant/In-Use door locks represent a significant advancement in privacy and convenience for various settings, from restrooms to private offices. These locks provide immediate, clear visual communication of a room's occupancy status, effectively eliminating the guesswork and potential embarrassment of accidentally intruding on someone. By offering this straightforward indication, they enhance the user experience, promoting a more comfortable and efficient environment. The simplicity of this system also speeds up the process of finding an available room in busy or high-traffic areas, improving overall flow and reducing wait times.

Moreover, Vacant/In-Use locks contribute to a safer and more inclusive environment. They are especially beneficial in spaces that prioritize accessibility, allowing individuals of all abilities to easily determine availability. The implementation of such locks is a testament to an establishment's commitment to privacy, safety, and user-friendliness. Additionally, these locks are versatile and can be installed in a variety of settings, ensuring that any space can benefit from increased privacy and streamlined usability. With their ease of installation and operation, Vacant/In-Use door locks are an essential feature for modern facilities, underlining a dedication to providing superior service and accommodation.

How Occupied/Unoccupied Door Locks Will Improve Your Commercial Property?

Occupied/Unoccupied door locks are a game-changer for commercial properties, offering a suite of benefits that significantly enhance the functionality and user experience of any facility. These locks provide a simple yet effective visual indicator of room occupancy, which can greatly reduce confusion and improve the flow of traffic in busy areas like restrooms, meeting rooms, and private offices. This clear indication system not only enhances privacy and security but also contributes to a more efficient and orderly environment, where users can easily identify available spaces without the need for awkward interruptions or unnecessary waiting.

Implementing Occupied/Unoccupied door locks is a straightforward upgrade that reflects an establishment's commitment to convenience, safety, and professionalism. It demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing the needs and concerns of all building occupants, fostering a more welcoming and respectful atmosphere. Furthermore, these locks can play a crucial role in compliance with privacy regulations, adding an extra layer of reliability and trustworthiness to your commercial property. By improving the overall user experience and streamlining access to facilities, Occupied/Unoccupied door locks are an invaluable addition to any commercial setting, poised to elevate the standard of service and satisfaction.

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What our customers are saying

We really like your products!

We build dental offices and the clients often want something to indicate their public restroom is occupied so that the staff are not constantly being asked “is someone in there” by the patients. We really like your products!

Charlie Robson
Denco Dental Construction, Inc
Your ADA-Compliant locks is a must.

We provide demountable wall solutions for commercial office space, and it seems to become more regular to need occupancy indicators on restrooms and mothers rooms. Many jurisdictions require the push button lock over the turn lock.

Ed Ritter
Wilson Bauhaus Interiors
10/10 recommend Vizilok products.

The customer service team was so responsive in helping me to order. Can't thank them enough. When the item arrived, our team was so impressed with the quality that I just ordered 5 more so we can replace every door lock in our building.

Suzanne Logan
Steven Label
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