Commercial Restroom Essentials

Whether you have a salon, restaurant, or shop, one thing is for sure, you need to have commercial restrooms to provide comfort not only to your customers but also to your employees. This is now a standard from small to big businesses. 

This necessity started in the early 19th century when large cities in Europe brought about the need to install public toilets. The logic is simple, nobody really wants to go home each time they have to use the toilet, and honestly, it is a waste of a lot of time.

Here Are 5 Toilet Essentials You Will Need in Commercial Restroom

1. Toilet Bowl

Every commercial restroom will need a toilet bowl to fulfill its main duties. This is the main reason why the restroom is existent.

There are lots of factors to consider in selecting a bowl for your commercial space. To start, you need to decide which type of flushing method you want, then check on the flushing rate, consider if they are water-saving, see if the bowl shape will fit in your restroom, think of the toilet height, and a lot more. Consulting a plumber and doing your research will help tremendously.

2. Hand Dryer

Let’s not discuss if this is more sanitary or cheaper than toilet papers. This is important because you wouldn’t want your toilet users to hold the door levers with their wet hands. Besides, the amount of money you spend in operation will depend on the efficiency of the dryer and how much is the electricity in your area.

Choosing which hand dryers to have also come with some considerations like knowing if you want a conventional warm air hand dryer or a high-speed hand dryer. Think about the traffic in your restroom before deciding what type of hand dryer to use and how many you’ll need.

3. Faucet

A commercial restroom without a faucet is a disaster waiting to happen. When deciding on which faucet to use in your restroom, always keep in mind that not every commercial restroom faucet will be compatible with every restroom sink.

It is vital that you reach out to a plumber before buying on your own, especially if you are getting it separately from the sink.

4. Sink

This always comes with the faucet, of course. You can either have a wall-mount, pedestal, undercounter, countertop, or corner sink. What’s important is that the plumbing is on point and it fits with your faucet as well as the restroom space.

The number of sinks needed is dependent on the traffic in the restroom. A good count would best be based on the number of doors in the restroom. There shouldn’t be a waiting line to wash your hands otherwise some will just skip it altogether.

5. Restroom Locks

Last on this list but definitely not the least in the commercial restroom essentials. There are many commercial restroom locks available now in the market so this is one of the things that you have to thoroughly think about. Making your customers or employees feel secure while doing their private business is key in making sure that you have provided them comfort. No one would want to use a commercial toilet without a lock, or has a flimsy one.

Getting restroom door locks with indicator has also been one of the top considerations when buying restroom lock for a commercial space. This eliminates the need to go through several doors just to find one that is vacant, which requires a lot of surface contact and can be unsanitary.

You may also want to check out ADA compliant door locks to cater to all customer types even those with special needs. Ask your contractor, just to be sure because you may actually need an ADA compliant lock in your establishment.