Commercial Restroom Essentials

If you are a business owner or manager of a restaurant, salon, retail shop, or another type of service, you most likely provide your customers a restroom on the premises. Not only for convenience, providing such amenities ensures your customers are able to stay within your establishment longer, relax, and feel comfortable there. Commercial restrooms have specific requirements, and new legislation has even been put into action to ensure safety and privacy. 

10 Commercial Restroom Products And Accessories

Having the right products in your commercial restroom can make all the difference in a pleasant experience for your guests. While the restroom is far from the main attraction in your place of business, the well organised facility communicates the level of respect the owners have for their patrons. Read on to learn about the 10 commercial restroom products and accessories best suited for public use, and how you can ensure that your place of business meets these standards.

1. Toilet Bowl

Above all, your restroom should be equipped with a high-performance toilet bowl. If you have an automatic-flushing toilet, even better. This gives users a bit of reassurance in terms of cleanliness, as they do not have to touch any part of it. It is also convenient and you can be sure users are not flushing it excessively, or leave behind a mess.

2. Hand Dryer

A hand dryer in your commercial restroom is a great feature. It offers convenience and helps keep the restroom sanitary. Additionally, many users appreciate hand dryers because they are efficient and enable touch-free drying, which prevents the spread of diseases. 

3. Restroom Locks

Commercial restrooms have specific lock and privacy requirements that businesses must uphold. Privacy locks with large and visible vacant/ occupied indicators offer safety and security for those using the restroom. As stated in a 2021 Privacy addition to International Building Code, commercial restrooms are mandated to have occupancy indicators installed in family and assisted-use public toilets.

Additionally, the American Disabilities Act, or the ADA, has specific requirements for public restrooms, designed to prevent the discrimination of disabled persons (whether intentional or unintentional). These laws require buildings to have door locks and hardware that meets ADA guidelines, which are implemented to ensure everyone, including people with limited mobility, can exit the building safely during an emergency. Along these lines, all doors, including restroom doors, should be enabled with safe locking and unlocking, ensuring swift exit.

To meet ADA compliance, commercial restroom door locks and handles must:
     - Be operable with one hand, and do not need any excessive gripping or twisting to use or open.
     - Be installed and mounted no more than 48 inches above the floor, enabling users who are in wheelchairs to reach the handles and locks, as necessary.

4. Commercial Restroom Faucets

Faucets are an absolute necessity in commercial restrooms, and it would be absurd to stumble across a public restroom without one. A faucet in a commercial restroom should be durable and able to withstand constant, repetitive use and hold up well to hundreds, and even thousands of uses daily, depending on the establishment’s influx of customers. Automatic touch-free models are especially useful. While the market is loaded with various faucet products, it’s important to consider the most compatible options of faucets with your restroom sink. It is also important to work with a plumber who is experienced in installing faucets in commercial restrooms, who has knowledge regarding the types of faucets that are compatible with specific sinks.

5. Commercial Restroom Sinks

As mentioned above, your commercial restroom sink works in conjunction with the faucet, and the function and design of the restroom space should determine the type of sink you use. There are several options of sink styles available: undercounter, countertop, wall-mount, pedestal, and corner sink setups. Having an experienced commercial plumber is also important in this respect because the plumbing should be done without error and be able to function well with your chosen faucet and restroom space.How many sinks your restroom requires will be determined by the space and traffic you anticipate. Consider how many stalls your restroom has; an equal number of sinks would be ideal to ensure guests are not kept waiting in lines.

6. Baby Changing Station

Not an absolute must, but a baby changing station in your commercial restroom is an excellent addition, especially if your customers are parents/ caregivers.

7. Paper Towel Dispenser

A paper towel dispenser in addition to, or in lieu of a hand dryer is important to give customers options and to ensure they are able to comfortably dry their hands after washing them. Electronic or hands-free dispensers are especially useful, as they give customers added peace of mind in having a touch-free environment.

8. Soap Dispenser

An automatic soap dispenser is a must for commercial restrooms, ensuring hands-free dispensing for a cleaner space.

9. Toilet Paper Dispenser

No restroom is complete without a toilet paper dispenser, so be sure to have a well-functioning design that ensures no restroom stall runs out.

10. Trash Cans

Encourage a clean and fresh commercial restroom by providing an adequate number of trash cans. Trash cans in stalls and in common spaces ensure guests can place their trash in them, without creating an excess mess.


10 Commercial Restroom Products And Accessories
Having a safe, comfortable, functional commercial restroom is important for any business that values its customers. Additional essentials for a commercial restroom include sanitary product disposal, air freshener, grab bars, and hand sanitizer to encourage confident restroom use, comfort, and safety. We hope this article has provided useful, helpful information to ensure your restrooms are pleasant and convenient spaces. 

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