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Heavy duty door locks on guard for your property safety

July 02, 2019

Heavy duty door locks on guard for your property safety

Think about the security of your premises. The first thing coming to your mind is that a person trying to reach and appropriate your belongings either a professional or not will be able to do it anyway. One of the most important means to slow down the process in addition to signalization is to select the right lock. Heavy duty deadbolt door locks become the major choice when it comes to security.

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Guideline on how to choose the proper heavy duty door lock set

There are actually just two items you should first pay attention to:

  • ANSI Grade - meaning the particular lock meets the industry security standards, is assessed and given certain grade (1, 2, or 3). Grade 1 corresponds to the highest level of security.
  • single-cylinder or double-cylinder lock. The difference between these heavy duty deadbolt door locks is that it is possible to open the single-cylinder from inside with just turning the knob. While with the double-cylinder, key is needed to open it both from in and out. For this reason, the double-cylinder is considered safer, but in case of emergency, it can prevent you from quickly leaving the building.

Additional criteria to make your choice easier

Those also looking for the aesthetic part of the deal, should check the high end heavy duty door locks on the market. For people in love with contemporary technologies, there is a large choice of smart locks with touchscreen or remote control, voice control, etc. Being the best on the market of the bathroom indicator locks, Vizilok offers easy to install and convenient to use options. The ergonomic heavy duty door locks would be a perfect solution for the premises of any purpose. Either looking for the restroom indicator locks or heavy duty lock for entrance, you can check the catalogue to get immediately enchanted with our designs.

Remember that the door is the first obstacle between the intruder and the building. Even a persistent trespasser in search for what to grab will encounter numerous problems if there are high quality heavy duty door locks in the entryway.