How Does a Bathroom Privacy Lock Work?

The main functions of the locks can be completely forgotten in the century of technologies. There are so many additional trivia added and their number is growing with each day. So it’s difficult not to get lost in the diversity of choices the average customer encounters.

Privacy door locks serve as a barrier to provide a certain extent of security to a person behind the door.

What Is The Main Privacy Lock Function?

The general function of the lock is to provide security for a person inside or to protect belongings.

The additional popular function is to preserve privacy, which is perfectly implemented by a privacy door lock. The types of mechanisms for the locks can vary, as well as the grade of security. But the main functions stood always the same at all times.

How Does a Privacy Lock Work?

Let’s review some types of bathroom door locks that correspond to our topic:

  • Lever Handle Type Lock. The lock is situated in a handle. Easy and quick to use and suitable for all types of public and commercial premises.
  • Knob Lock. The lock is also situated in the handle but reminds of a button that should be pushed to close or open the door.
  • Deadbolt Locks. Installed into the door, are single or double cylinder, meaning it can be opened with the key from either one of the sides of the door or both. Also, the thumb turn mechanism is very popular with this type of lock. This one provides a high level of security.
  • Mortise Locks are another type of deadlocks installed right into the door and often used for apartments or houses as they provide a high level of security.
  • Privacy Indicator Locks. Such locks have an additional function of informing the visitor that the cabin is occupied or vacant. This notification helps the door and the lock lasts longer.

How Does a Bathroom Privacy Lock with Indicator Work?

Depending on purposes you need the indicator lock for and depending on how easy and quickly you need to come out of the place, the lock can be closed with a thumbturn from inside and can be opened from the outside only with the help of some tool.

Sometimes, there is a special mechanism within the privacy door lock so that the door could be easily opened from outside too in case of emergency.

Privacy Indicator Locks from Vizilok

Knowing exactly what functions you would like to leave to a privacy door lock will help you to make a better choice.

Vizilok, the top privacy indicator lock company, offers a wide choice of locks in different finishes for public restrooms and privately run businesses.

Restroom door locks with clear in-use/vacant sign were made to ease the life of you and your client to avoid unexpected intruders into the private space.

Remember that the right lock is a combination of safety and security concerns.


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