How Restaurants Can Improve Accessibility and Inclusion


As a restaurant owner or someone in charge of a franchise, it can be a challenge to keep your establishment comfortable and up to code while still providing customers with a great experience. There are a lot of things to worry about; customer perception, safety, hygiene, costs, what’s on the menu, and staff. That’s just a short list of things you must keep in mind.  

Providing customers with a high-quality restroom is critical. A negative occurrence in the restroom can detract from a guest’s feelings about your brand. Dining with friends or family is an emotional outing, and when guests get up to use the restroom, the journey from their table to the restroom and back should be pleasant and stress-free. 

Your Google and Yelp customer reviews should showcase your delicious food, amazing ambience, and 5-star visit, not a 1-star rant about someone's traumatic trip to the bathroom. 

If you are a restaurant owner, keep reading to learn more about the different factors you should keep in mind to provide customers with an excellent experience from the second they walk through the doors to the second they leave.   

Customer Perception 

A customer or guest’s experience in your establishment can be formed through either a good time or a bad time. In restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or franchise locations where there is a lot of foot-traffic, having ADA-compliant restrooms aligns very closely with a customer’s perception of your business.  

When you have restrooms that have ADA-compliant equipment, you give patrons a certain level of comfort and clarity. There is no need to jiggle the door handle, knock, or shout to see if the restroom is vacant or in use. Most restaurant restrooms are single use, and in noisy, heavily trafficked environments, there can be a lot of “whoopsies” where people are walked in on or must deal with disruption in a place where they should have the ultimate level of privacy. When people are enjoying a meal with a friend or loved one, the last thing they should have to worry about is stress surrounding the restroom.  

Inclusivity and Accessibility  

Not only does having ADA-compliant restrooms provide clarity, but it also appeals to a much wider customer base and shows that you genuinely care about accessibility and inclusivity. Here are a few audiences that benefit from ADA-compliance:  

  • The elderly 
  • People with disabilities 
  • People who are injured in some way and are recovering 
  • Parents of small children 

You want guests to feel welcome in your restaurant. When every customer gets the same treatment and no one is left out, you create an atmosphere where people will want to return. 


When people go out in any public place, they want to feel safe. One of your responsibilities as a restaurant owner is to create a safe environment. One way to do this is by making sure restrooms are private and there is no confusion when it comes to occupancy.  


As a restaurant owner, a customer’s experience in your business is your top priority. From the moment a guest decides to go to your restaurant to the moment they leave, there are a lot of factors that influence their perception of your establishment. One of those factors is appearance. Do the colors work well together? Does your décor match the ambience you’re going for? Is there a theme? Every detail is important, even in restrooms. Vizilok offers a wide selection of lock finishes that are sleek and clean, perfect for any restaurant.  


Hygiene and cleanliness are important for any business, especially restaurants. There are a lot of details and health code regulations you must keep in mind, and restrooms are no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened people’s awareness when it comes to hygiene. Something that can help eliminate unnecessary contact is occupancy indicators on door locks. Instead of having to jiggle the door handle or knock to see if the restroom is occupied, an occupancy indicator eliminates confusion and germs.  


Providing an environment that is safe, inclusive, hygienic, and has an excellent appearance are all important elements of running a successful restaurant, but how can you do all these things and keep costs down? Vizilok provides volume discounts for franchise operators so that you can equip all your stores with affordable yet high-quality equipment that elevates customer satisfaction and eliminates stress. 

Ensuring that your restaurant’s restrooms are ADA-compliant, comfortable, and safe is one of the best ways to set the tone for a guest’s experience. Create returning customers by showing them that you care about their safety and level of comfort.  

If you are a restaurant owner, manager, or franchisee: 

  • Purchase Vizilok door locks for your restrooms... 
  • Install in minutes with just a screwdriver... 
  • Become ADA compliant and win the loyalty and appreciation of your patrons and guests.

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