Privacy Indicator Locks Made Easy for Door Hardware Resellers

Pair of door handles with privacy indicator locks

There is good news and bad news for door hardware resellers when it comes to the topic of Privacy Indicator Locks. 

The good news: Heightened public awareness around personal safety and mental health is accelerating the adoption of new building code requirements that increase demand for many of the products and services you offer, such as Privacy Indicator Locks. 

The bad news: Not all door hardware resellers are familiar with Vizilok Privacy Indicator Locks, which means there is likely a lot of frustration over the lack of product options on the market that comply with both IBC and with ADA requirements. 

Is IBC 1110.2.1.6 the “First Domino” Toward Strict Privacy Indicator Lock Requirements? 

IBC 1110.2.1.6, adopted in 2021, reads as follows: 

1110.2.1.6 Privacy. Doors to family or assisted-use toilet and bathing rooms shall be securable from within the room and be provided with an “occupied” indicator. 

This code change offers an excellent opportunity for door hardware resellers to educate and guide their customers on how to maintain IBC compliance while using quality, durable products. It is also an opportunity to advise customers to install Privacy Indicator Locks because of the direct impact these products have on both customer and employee satisfaction. 

Which makes one wonder if IBC 1110.2.1.6 is simply the first domino to fall toward even greater adoption of Privacy Indicator Lock Requirements. And it leads to the obvious conclusion that... 

People Love Privacy Indicator Locks! 

No one likes turning the handle to a restroom only to find out it is locked. It creates an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation for both the person(s) inside and outside the restroom. Everyone would much rather be able to see whether a restroom is occupied from a safe distance. 

To validate this point, consider a proposed change to the 2021 International Plumbing Code (IPC) that would have required Privacy Indicator Locks for all single-user toilets: 

This code change proposal will alleviate privacy and safety concerns by requiring the occupied indicator for single-user restrooms. Without an occupied indicator, the only way for someone to see if the room is in use is to turn the handle. This causes safety and privacy concerns for the user. This can cause severe discomfort, even fear, for children or people who have suffered trauma. This proposal will proactively provide increased comfort and safety for everyone. 

This change was not adopted, but it seems to signal what we should expect in the future – more focus on requirements that promote personal safety and mental health, like Privacy Indicator Locks. 

The Easy Solution for Privacy Indicator Locks and IBC Compliance 

There is an easy solution that makes installing Privacy Indicator Locks on ALL single-user restrooms (plus exam rooms, changing rooms, and other private spaces) a no-brainer. Vizilok is the easiest Privacy Indicator Lock product to install because it has the privacy indicator directly on the cylindrical lock. With Vizilok, you simply replace your existing cylindrical door lock. It only takes a screwdriver and a few minutes. The alternatives are to install complicated mortise locks (which require major surgery on your door) or to drill a second hole for a separate deadbolt cylinder. No thanks! That’s expensive and time consuming. 

If you are a facility manager or business owner: 

  • Ask for Vizilok by name... 
  • You will save time and money... 
  • And you will get an amazing Privacy Indictor Lock your customers and employees will love! 

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If you are a hardware reseller: 

  • Recommend Vizilok to your customers... 
  • You will win their loyalty and appreciation... 
  • Because they will get an amazing Privacy Indicator Lock their customers and employees love without costing an arm and a leg! 

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