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Public Restroom Security

When we touch the issue of restroom security in public places, it can be easy to get confused between the concept of privacy and security.

Although, usually they both depend on the same factors.

By security, we mean the physical safety of a person in a public place. By privacy, we mean psychological personal safety in a public area.

For public restrooms it is highly important to provide a certain level of both security and privacy. Though to save money for business, security question usually comes first.

Public Restroom Safety

Public restroom security and safety is based on several factors:

  • Accessibility. If we start from the beginning of the way we go to get to the restroom, we need to speak about the question of accessibility, entry and exits.
  • Stalls and Doors. Stall door is the first border that divides a person from the outer world. Here the issue of privacy stands out. 
  • Restroom door locks. Another impediment that deeper concerns the issue of privacy but, nonetheless, also is a strong item of security.

Accessibility to Public Restrooms

The best locations for public restrooms are the place with high street traffic. In the case of a big area, you need to add a clear WC sign for people to find their way.

For restroom security, labyrinth entrances will be a good choice. Long corridors, on the contrary, would bring a sense of insecurity. In case of emergency, there should be a quick exit out.

Stall Doors

Stall doors should have the lock inside the stall and no lock outside, so that nobody could close a person inside. This is a must for basic restroom security.

Stall doors should have space from the floor to the door for easier cleaning. And also have space from the upper part of the door to the ceiling for good sound conduction in case of emergency.

Public Restroom Door Locks

Door lock in a restroom is a preventive measure from intruders serving both aims of privacy and security. But depending on the type of lock, it can be more or less reliable and long-lasting.

In the previous article, we divided restroom door locks can into lever or knob, deadbolt, stall, and indicator. In addition, we have discussed the advantages of each category.

The bathroom indicator lock is one of the most logical solutions for public areas with a big flow of visitors. To prolong the longevity of the locks, choose the commercial ones. Commercial bathroom locks usually have commercial high-grade quality and will last longer.

Everything that concerns public restroom security is highly important both for business reputation and human security in general.

Pay attention to this issue if you want the visitors to feel comfortable and turn them to regular customers.


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