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What type of door lock is most secure for your business?

Choosing a reliable and long-lasting lock for your business can be a tricky task.

On the one hand, you want your stuff safe, on the other, you don’t want anybody to interfere with your private space and business.

It’s difficult to find a company, that can provide you both security and privacy. Especially in case you need to supply inner locks and restroom door locks for office premises.

The Most Secure Type Of Door Lock

The locks we’re going to talk about are those you can rely on. Either you need to protect your house or business area, check the next options:

  • Smart Locks
  • Indicator Locks
  • Heavy Duty Locks

Smart Locks

The smart keyless locks can be controlled with your telephone and opened without keys. It's convenient when you come back from a supermarket, for example, holding numerous bags in your hands and there is no way you could find the keys in a pocket and open the door. Those who often lose or leave the keys can also highly estimate the advantages of such locks.

Considered highly secure, this lock can be connected to a smart house and security system. Still, there are disadvantages. As it is connected to your cell phone, in case, the battery is low, or there is some disconnection, you can have certain problems with getting inside.
Privacy indicator locks are another category of reliable door locks that can be found on the market today.

Indicator Locks

The top indicator lock company on the market, Vizilok, provides big and small businesses with commercial-grade bathroom door locks with occupancy indicator of high quality. The leader on the market of the privacy indicator locks offers several options of door lock designs to choose from to best correspond to your premises.

Suitable for commercial premises, public restrooms, and privately run businesses to secure your privacy and your property. The main goals is to provide you with a reliable, long-lasting, and easy to install lock.

You can choose one of the restroom door locks with a vacant/in-use indicator in different finishes - satin chromesatin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

Heavy Duty Locks

Most heavy-duty door locks do not have special indicator signs. However, it doesn't deprive them of the main function of the lock - securing your property. Moreover, heavy-duty locks are considered one of the most reliable and difficult to break.

Luckily, Vizilok has this unique model - a heavy-duty indicator lock.

In general, there are two versions of heavy-duty locks: single-cylinder and double-cylinder locks. With the single-cylinder you need a key to open it from the outside, from the inside it is a simple turn or lever mechanism used.
The double-cylinder requires a key from both sides, thus making the lock mechanism more secure but at the same time making it harder to get out of the building in case of emergency. But in fact, what to choose completely depends on the purpose.

Vizilok heavy-duty locks are made to protect your property from any kind of danger.


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