ada compliant locks

Nowadays, it is quite important to have ADA compliant locks installed in your office or organisation doors.

June 05, 2019

According to Americans with Disabilities Act doors and all their parts, including design has to be specifically constructed. Moreover, ADA compliance required in all the new and old buildings. For instance, all the locks you have in your office doors should be “ADA compliant locks”, or if you have indicator locks, they have to be “ADA compliant indicator locks".

To assist you in finding the right door lock, we have decided to introduce you to these kinds of locks.

ADA compliant locks as a type of an ADA door lock.

As it was said before, ADA compliant locks have to comply with the regulations. Moreover, the lock also has to operate and be designed the same as regular locks. The ADA compliant locks have to be easy to open by one hand, effortless to grab and pinch.

ADA compliant indicator locks(or as it might be called ADA compliant bathroom indicator locks) as a type of ADA door lock.

There is also a special kind of the ADA compliant locks– ADA compliant indicator locks. This kind of an ADA door lock is useful to have in the public restrooms. Moreover, some of the ADA compliant bathroom indicator locks have installed the exact sign “Vacant/In-Use”.

Besides that, the ADA compliant locks also provide privacy.

As it provides privacy, the door lock also could be called as a privacy door lock. If it is installed in the bathroom – it is called a bathroom privacy lock. Yes, it might seem strange to describe and explain the names of the locks. However, it will give you an understanding and your confusion will be evaporated when choosing a door lock: whether it ADA compliant locks or restroom indicator door locks.

In sum, it is clearly seen from the article that your future bathroom door lock or regular door lock may include all the important features: to be an ADA compliant lock, have the privacy features, be durable and also have a special sign “Vacant/In-Use”. By simply following our advice on locks you will free yourself from wasting your precious time for choosing the right lock.