Which Door Locks Are The Best?

You probably never knew that your door lock is the weakest part of your home security. Getting good locks means assuring that windows and doors are secure and a burglar will not be able to get inside your house.

However, when we talk about the lock for bathroom doors, we probably mean privacy rather than security. A door to a bathroom is also an important part of your house.

Therefore you need to think, which door locks are the best to have there: restroom door locks, which have an occupancy indicator, or ADA compliant door locks?

Let's have a look at the market options.

Smart Front Door Locks

Smart locks are not only secure but also convenient in usage.
There are many features in the smart lock that attract customers. One of them - the limited amount of attacks to your home, as it quite hard to break the lock, it usually has the best defense baseline. 

Sometimes, these locks are used as public restroom door locks. Therefore it can be called a public bathroom privacy lock.

Deadbolt Door Locks

The deadbolt door lock is a foundational lock in terms of security. The deadbolt is installed in the hole in the frame of a doorway. Usually, it has a single cylinder and can be opened from the inside of the room with a thumb turn mechanism.

The deadbolt can be also a vacant/engaged door lock, which can be used in offices, public places, etc.

Bathroom Door Lock with Vacant/Occupied Indicator

These kinds of locks have a bathroom privacy lock mechanism.

Bathroom locks with indicator are extremely useful in a public restroom as they show whether the room is occupied or free to use.

Some producers of locks may also put different signs. For instance, instead of the “Occupied” sign, they may put a sign “In-Use”.

Moreover, some respected manufacturers comply with the law. In particular, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, all the locks have to be ADA compliant locks. So we extremely recommend having such kind of locks in public buildings.

As you can see there are some choices to make. Our suggestion for you is to consider your aims and expectations and then choosing the best door lock for you.

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