Why Restroom Indicator Lock Worth It?

Bathroom door locks and regular door locks are different. They have diverse purposes in usage. Restroom door locks aim to assure privacy whereas traditional locks are made for security.

We have thrown light on the types of restroom locks, so you would be able to consider what particular type of lock is suitable for you.

Public Restroom Door Locks

The first type is a keypad lock. This type of privacy door lock is usually installed in some public places or at schools to prevent not permitted users. Staff members have a unique code by which the door is unlocked.

Bathroom Door Lock Thumb Turn

The next type of locks is quite affordable, but they stay alive for a very short time.

These are simple slides or thumb-turn locks. With a slide lock, the door is closed by inserting a slide bar into the latch. Thumb-turn is even more simple in usage. It doesn’t have a latch itself, there is a hole in the door frame instead.

Restroom Deadbolt Indicator Lock

Here, a lock is separated from the handle. In order to open the door, a thumb-turn mechanism is used.

This type of bathroom door lock is related to the indicators lock family.

Restroom Indicator Lock

There is a new type of indicator lock, which shows you a sign “occupied/unoccupied” or "vacant/in-use". The restroom indicator lock is a great decision in terms of a sense of privacy.

So how it works? There is an indicator installed in the handle with the sign “occupied or unoccupied”.

Advantages of Restroom Indicator Locks

By using this type lock you going to have a huge number of advantages.

Firstly, the restroom indicator lock is durable because it has a “restroom occupied indicator”. That means that a person from outside the room notices the sign and does not pull the door in order to test.

Secondly, some suppliers also produce ADA compliant door locks.

Thirdly, a design can vary, so you can choose the one you consider will complement your interior.

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