Why the occupancy lock is the best solution for your business?

Every project goes through certain stages. As an entrepreneur, you are challenged with multiple tasks - construction works, interior design, team management. Your main goal is to increase customer loyalty, therefore you have an eye for details.

Finally, one of the questions left in the hands of a caring business owner is about the restroom door locks to provide future clients with a high level of privacy and security.

Occupancy locks became a perfect solution for business owners of either public or private areas.

Why You Should Choose An Occupancy Lock?

The behavior of a waiting person is unpredictable. In some cases, you can see slight impatience and aggressiveness of a person knocking on the door, asking aloud if the stall is occupied or not. Sometimes, people can’t help but start pulling the door handle, which leads to untimely wearing out of the handle, the lock and the door itself.

The occupancy lock on the door with the clear vacant/in-use sign can increase the patience level of a person waiting for the clear signal to go. The door lock indicator becomes a preventive measure serving both security and privacy aims. For a person outside, the ‘In Use’ sign signalizes that the person inside shouldn’t be disturbed for some time. While ‘Vacant’ gives green light to occupy the stall.

Privacy Door Lock With Occupancy Indicator On The Market

With the wide choice of locks in the market today, customers can select a bathroom door lock with occupancy indicator that most suits the purposes of their business.

Vizilok is one of the leaders on the market of occupancy locks. Its top product is high-end vacant/in-use locks available in six finishes to suit any design. You can also get ADA compliant locks available in two finishes.

Occupancy locks are an easy and quick solution for the business owners of public and privately run businesses to keep your clients happy.

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