Your guide to choosing the right privacy door lock

Even such a tiny detail as a privacy lock in the bathroom of public or office space can raise or ruin the image of your company in a moment.

In this article we would like to give special attention to the design of door locks.

Why Privacy Indicator lock?

You can choose a reliable lock with or without an indicator. But for how long would the last one serve you?

The indicator becomes an easy way to determine whether the toilet is occupied or not and helps to avoid awkward situations. Besides, today you can even pick the favorite design to complete the image of the bathroom of your dreams.

Privacy Indicator Lock Designs

Why is there a necessity to choose among the various restroom door locks designs on the market?

Privacy indicator lock for the restroom is a finishing touch to complement the design of the whole area and leave that feeling of perfection with the visitors. Being the top indicator lock company, Vizilok offers a wide variety of indicator locks for bathrooms for public places and privately run businesses. 

There are 5 main designs of privacy locks you can choose from:

Privacy indicator lock of exquisite and original design can become a surprisingly pleasant discovery for your client.

Importance of Choosing the Right Privacy Indicator Lock

By choosing a bathroom door lock with occupancy indicator you show that you are on guard of your clients’ needs, respect and want to preserve their privacy. No matter which indicator lock company you will go with, remember that occupied/unoccupied door locks are more reliable and last longer.

Privacy door locks is a perfect choice for those business owners who care about their clients and about each detail.

Want to make the working space or public area maximally comfortable and efficient? Get the right lock for your restroom!

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