Door handles have a major problem. You have to pull on them to see if they are locked. When this happens with a restroom, it is uncomfortable and embarrassing for everyone. VIZILOK door handles display “IN USE” or “VACANT” so that every private room can feel pleasant, safe, and secure.

VIZILOK is owned and operated in Brooklyn, New York.

Meet Our Executive Team

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Victoria Kaverina,
Founder and CEO

Victoria Kaverina is a visionary entrepreneur with an intense desire to make the world abetter place. She cares deeply about the safety and security of others, which led her to develop the VIZILOK privacy indicator door lock and to start her company from scratch.

Victoria loves her family, her long-haired dachshund, and reading biographies of successful women. She was born in Ukraine, earned a master’s degree from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, and spent 14 years in IT engineering and project management for Fortune 500 companies prior to founding VIZILOK.

Now, she considers herself a humble business owner, proud of her accomplishments and determined to grow VIZILOK into a larger and stronger company.

Anatoliy Kaverin,
Product Manager

Anatoliy Kaverin is a design-focused product manager committed to ensuring VIZILOK products are useful, efficient, and beautiful. He is obsessed with quality and makes sure he considers every detail in making VIZILOK door handles work perfectly, install quickly and easily, and look amazing. 

Anatoliy is a “tinkerer” who loves to find new uses for things. He seeks out opportunities to learn new approaches to product design by watching how others do things differently.

Prior to working at VIZILOK, Anatoliy spent time as a translator, a teacher, and a warehouse manager for the 2010 Census Bureau. Outside of work, Anatoliy is a swing dancer, mountain biker, and handyman.

Ana Vypovska,
Customer Support

Ana Vypovska is an ambitious customer support specialist, dedicated to making sure VIZILOK provides the best possible experience for each customer.

She is passionate about making others feel valued and respected. She often provides personal support for VIZILOK customers, helping them to choose the best products and ensuring the purchasing process is easy and pleasant. Ana understands how much privacy and security matter in public places. This is one of the reasons Ana joined VIZILOK.

Outside of work, Ana attends monthly master classes on topics like coffee culture and candle making. She is a weekend warrior who also enjoys frequent visits to the spa to unwind with her favorite spa treatments and herbal tea.


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