Who We Are

Victoria Kaverina
Founder, Indicator Locks Co. 

So how did an IT Professional, certified in Project Management, become an entrepreneur
and CEO of a company that manufactures public restroom locks?
Simple. I saw an unmet need and I wanted to address it.
Have you had the disagreeable experience of wishing for privacy while some stranger is
impatiently knocking on the restroom door? I have.
Have you waited patiently in line, anxious to use the restroom, not wanting to walk in on
someone in the most private of moments, only to find out the restroom is actually vacant
and you – and whoever is waiting behind you – have been wasting time in discomfort? I
Worst of all, have you had someone barge in on you while you were indisposed,
embarrassing and appalling you? Yes, that’s happened to me as well. Unfortunately.
It occurred to me that there could be a solution that would prevent these situations. As a
woman, I felt a particular sensitivity to the need for complete privacy when using the
restroom, especially with more and more gender-neutral public restrooms. So I put on my
Project Manager’s hat assembled a team, and we invented Vizilok – the only restroom lock
that combines the function of a lock with a clear, easy to read indicator that tells whether the
restroom is vacant or occupied. Our all-in-one privacy lock and lever, a simple yet
ingenious design that serves a simple yet important need.