How to Find the Bathroom Stall Locks for your Commercial Space?

One of the things that you surely have thought about when you got into the business, is how people would do their business when they are in your commercial space. Every restaurant, barbershop, or any other stores in town surely has their own bathroom stalls to be used by the customers as well as their employees. You will rarely find a business establishment that does not have their own restroom, most of these are in a mall where public toilets are in place.

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Since the things we do in the restroom are meant to be private, it is crucial that you as a business owner know what are the things you need to consider to find the best bathroom stall locks for your commercial space. You may want it to be just sturdy, simple, grand, or functional with indicators to say if it is vacant or in-use.

As a general rule, you have to consider the amount of traffic that will be using your restroom stalls. Why? You’ll need to understand how heavy duty the locks should be. You wouldn’t want to change the bathroom stall locks every so often, that would not be cost-effective.

We have listed down the 3 steps on how to find the perfect bathroom stall locks for your business.

Think of Aesthetics

No matter what theme you have running for your business, you need to make sure that your restroom will be part of it as a whole. You would not want it to look like a piece of another puzzle unless it is the whole idea.

Some businesses even make their bathrooms the highlight of their entire place. There are quirky, stylish, and cool toilets that you’ll find like in New York’s La Guardia Airport and at Washington, DC’s Mi Vida.

When choosing the bathroom stall lock you will think of the aesthetic because it will play a huge role in implementing what you have in mind. A simple doorknob in a satin chrome finish wouldn’t do the trick if you want a stylish theme, you may check out some finish like oil rubbed bronze. It is the best one if you want it to pop out!

Consider The Budget

Although it maybe is just a lock, you still need to make sure that you don’t forget about it when budgeting your bathroom stalls. Yes, this is maybe a small detail but should not be an afterthought. 

Locks, though this may only be in a restroom, is for privacy. Don’t under budget or else you may end up losing more money in the process by having it replaced after a couple of months or worse after a couple of weeks.

Anticipate The Traffic

Yes, we couldn’t stress this enough! Knowing how often the locks will be used is key to finding the perfect bathroom stall locks for you as mentioned earlier. Locks are tested based on the opening and closing cycle.

Knowing how much the restroom door locks will be used will give you an idea of how long a specific lock that is offered in the market is going to last. This is important especially if you are buying a non-traditional lock that is not readily available anywhere, so you can consider buying a back-up early on the project saving you the hassle of having to look for it when needed.

You don’t necessarily need to do these steps in order, just make sure that you do them during the planning stage. It will save you a lot of time and money in the process! There are too many bathroom stall locks available now and knowing what you want specifically will help in streamlining your options.

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