Why Do You Need Privacy Indicator Locks For Your Business?

In the modern world it is extremely important to feel safe in the most intimate moments of our lives. In public areas you usually don’t have an opportunity to devote a little time to yourself. The only place you can escape the hustle for a while is the public restroom.

But the problem is it may not be safe. You can be disturbed at any moment unless there is a privacy indicator lock with an in-use indicator on the door to let the people know that there is no point to push or pull the door, and the stall is occupied. 

Privacy door lock with the occupancy indicator is a perfect way to stop the visitors from ruining the intimacy of a moment. In this article we will explain why commercial door hardware is the best option for your public restroom.

Why Commercial Privacy Lock With Large In Use or Vacant Indicator Is The Best Solution? 

In public restrooms privacy door locks with indicator are usually used for single door stalls. It can be locked from inside with a single turn or push having the vacant/in-use indicator to show the visitors outside that the stall is occupied.

This helps to avoid oops moments and preserve the security of a person.

From outside such a lock can be opened with a tool for easy access in case of emergency. 

Advantages of Privacy Indicator Locks?

  • Ensuring Security. The door with a lock of high quality provides a sufficient level of security.
  • Providing Reliability. The less the door is pulled or pushed while closed, the longer it would serve along with the lock. 
  • Preserving Privacy. It is the best way to have a clear sign that will stop the intruders from breaking into your private space. The red in-use or occupied sign is usually enough.

Where to Use Privacy Indicator Locks?

Vacant/Occupied locks become a multipurpose tool for a business owner when it comes to the question of privacy not only in public restrooms, but also:

  • in the dressing rooms in gyms;
  • in lactation rooms;
  • in storing rooms in airports;
  • in shopping centers and hospitals;
  • in restaurants;
  • in the medical offices;
  • in the nightclubs.

How to Choose The Best Privacy Indicator Lock?

There is a wide choice of occupied/unoccupied door locks on the market. The owners usually have a question on how to choose the right one.

We simplified the selection process, dividing it into just two points.

1. Type of the Mechanism.

This will include the reliability and longevity of the lock. 

  • Latchbolt mechanism that is installed right into the handle or knob itself is the cheapest version of a lock you can get. Rather safe, but not very durable. 
  • Deadbolt lock usually has a cylinder and can be combined with a mortise lock. It is the most durable lock due to its reliable mechanism but can be a failure in case of an emergency for the same reason. 
  • Stall lock has a slide or thumbturn mechanism from inside. A common lock for the restrooms, though, without an indicator, it doesn’t give a high level of privacy and doesn’t last long.

2. Design.

It may be the trickiest point. First, you think it’s easy to get the simplest lock and go with it. Then you realize that you need the lock to suit the design at least at its minimum choosing among the different types of knobs, handles and finishes.

For example, you can have a lock in a particular color, like white, black, bronze, gold. In addition, you can have it in a certain finish, for example, satin chrome, polished chrome, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel.

In this case, the door lock becomes a detail to complement and complete the full image of a place where the visitors would feel safe and calm.

    The door lock with indicator provides a high level of privacy and security for a person in a public restroom. Even in the public area you can find a place where you can feel safe and escape the hustle of the crowd for a while.

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