Commercial Indicator Door Locks for College Campuses and Universities: Giving Students, Faculty, and Family Members Peace of Mind

Commercial Indicator Door Locks for College Campuses and Universities

Now more than ever, campus safety is a priority for students. No matter what size the campus is, there are certain precautions that need to be taken in order to ensure peace of mind, privacy, and comfort. 

There are a lot of reasons to make sure your facilities on campus are safe and maintain a certain level of privacy. Universities see a lot of foot traffic, whether it’s a dining hall, hallway, or sports facility. No matter where students congregate, they shouldn’t have to worry about privacy in areas like restrooms.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why campus security is important, how to make sure your students have peace of mind, and the best ways to ensure campus facilities are kept secure.

Colleges and Universities See a Lot of Foot Traffic

Did you know that the University of Central Florida and Texas A&M are home to more than 60,000 students each? That’s thousands of students using the restrooms and other private facilities each day, not to mention sporting events and ceremonies that happen on a regular basis. 

Managing safety concerns like traffic interactions, campus entry points, parking issues, stadium entry, classroom security, and restroom privacy can make or break a student’s experience on campus. No one, especially a student on their way to class, wants to feel uncomfortable in an area where they should feel safe.

For campus administration and security, it is important to take different factors, like foot traffic, into account when considering solutions to the safety and peace of mind of students. Campus Life Security says that “for students, faculty, and staff on campus, these solutions are invisible. A student rushing to class or a faculty member moseying across campus for lunch has little interest in why their transit is smooth and safe just so long as it is exactly that. For campus administration and security, however, the specifics of managing campus traffic and security are hugely important. During major campus events such as graduation ceremonies or sporting events, even the slightest security hiccup can derail an entire day, or much worse. Understanding the solutions necessary to address issues proactively is vital.”

It is important to identify and manage foot traffic in all areas of campus, no matter where students are. Intentionally including restrooms in security plans is an important part of keeping students safe. Though no one thinks about them until they need one, restrooms are all over the place. One way to improve peace of mind for students is by using commercial door locks with occupancy indicators. 

An occupancy indicator is an important privacy and security feature available on some door locks. A door lock with an occupancy indicator displays “VACANT” on a green background or “IN USE” on a red background to alert people outside of the restroom to whether it is occupied or not. 

The clarity that comes from an occupancy indicator can make or break someone’s day!

Safety Can Be Physical and Mental

With over 25% of college students struggling from social anxiety, it is important to provide them with facilities that don’t add to their stress and discomfort. When a student uses the restroom on campus, the brief experience shouldn’t create a dent in their day.

When you use locks with occupancy indicators on your single-use restroom doors, that stress level can be greatly reduced. No door handle jiggling, having to knock on the door, or shout over noise to see if the restroom is occupied. 

Most colleges and universities use gender-neutral, single-use restrooms. On Vanderbilt’s campus, there are over 200 gender-neutral restrooms. At Webster University in Missouri and the University of Georgia in Georgia, over 1/3 of the restrooms on campus are single use. This provides a more inclusive environment for students and faculty, but it can also cause stress if there is nothing indicating whether the restrooms are being used or not. 

Help Students and Faculty of All Abilities Feel Included

In addition to making sure students feel comfortable in restrooms, it is important to keep ADA compliance in mind. For students and faculty who are disabled, providing them with a door lock that meets ADA requirements is vital. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits any kind of discrimination against people with disabilities. To make restrooms around campus accessible for people with disabilities, use ADA Compliant door locks with a 1-touch push-button single egress.

When Students Feel Comfortable, their Performance is Better

It is very difficult to stay focused and perform well in any environment if you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings. Providing students with peace of mind when it comes to keeping private areas like restrooms private is one way to help them thrive. 

With Vizilok’s occupancy indicator locks, you can take one stressful experience off a student's plate. 

Vizilok Can Help You Give Students and Faculty Peace of Mind.

When you provide your students with clarity throughout campus, you can give them the peace of mind they need to thrive in their learning environment. Without the clarity and security that come from indicator locks, students’ social anxiety can increase, and their performance can take a downturn. Give your students and faculty members peace of mind by keeping restrooms and other private rooms private.

Are you ready to give students and faculty peace of mind on campus? Get started in three easy steps:

1) Buy Vizilok door handles

2) Install in minutes

3) Make people feel safe and secure

Shop Vizilok’s indicator locks here.

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