Chrome Door Locks

Of all Vizilok products, polished chrome door locks are the most universal and the most popular ones among our US and Canadian customers. Types of businesses where chrome locks and handles would suit best: hotels and resorts, spa, fitness clubs, shopping centers, restaurants, retail chains, wholesale distributors, airports, real estate developers, and many others. Chrome door handles and locks earned their place as the favorite hardware elements that perfectly fit any design. We will give you some tips on the top combinations to emphasize the design of your business area and draw the attention of the new clients.

Chrome Door Locks Design Tips

The main rule in the design with metal accents is to keep it balanced. The chrome details would fit into the interior if the main area is finished with wood, glass, decorative plaster, wallpapers or tiles. We do not recommend to give the metal the primary role even if you chose high-tech design. No matter which type of business you run, the all-metal room looks cold and lifeless, which means ‘not welcoming at all’ to your clients.

Top combinations with chrome door locks

- glass and polished chrome is a perfect match if you want to express the ideas of the modern design in your premises. - the right ratio of wood and chrome is a combination of true aesthetes who want to create a comfortable and warm space for work and for rest.

Door locks in chrome would look stylish complementing the design sets in:

· Minimalism · High-tech · Loft · Eclectic design Even country and traditional classic design sets would look good completed with chrome hardware. It is also attractive if one of the furniture pieces is fully metal or has chrome finish or elements (e.g. forged legs): bed, bed table, bath, bookshelves. Walls and tiles in subdued color palettes can be accomplished with polished or satin chrome handles on the doors.

Chrome locks by Vizilok are a popular position that would perfectly go as:

· Dressing rooms’ locks · Front door locks in chrome · Bathroom locks

Chrome Bathroom Door Locks

We are proud to offer you quality bathroom door locks in chrome that meet the highest standards. Depending on the purpose of the locks, you may choose among our Standard/Original line, ADA compliant or Heavy Duty locks. For bathrooms, both public and privately run businesses, it is highly recommended to pay attention first to the security and privacy issues. Add In-use/Vacant indicator option to get the more durable lock. Bathroom door locks chrome and brass with In-use/Vacant indicator will provide an appropriate level of privacy to your client and will look attractive in any design. If you have any doubts or it is not yet clear which design you will go with for your business, choose polished or satin chrome. Contemporary door locks in this finish by Vizilok would be the best choice.