Best Practices for Commercial Restroom Compliance, Privacy, and Security 2024

In 2023, we covered a lot of different ways property managers, restaurant owners, facility managers, and hardware resellers can make sure their public restrooms, private areas, and equipment are safe and comfortable for employees, visitors, and customers.

Whether you manage a commercial property like an apartment complex with a leasing office or you’re a hospital director, it is important to pay attention to best practices when it comes to restroom compliance, privacy, and security. In this article, we are going to talk about a few best practices from 2023 that are sure to carry over into 2024, as well as what we see trending for public restrooms in the next several months.

1 – Commercial Restroom ADA Compliance, Inclusivity, and Accessibility

Any business or facility that has restrooms must take accessibility and inclusivity into account. Patrons, visitors, and employees must be able to access the restroom easily and feel safe and comfortable doing so. To meet ADA requirements, all locks and handles attached to doors must be operable with one hand and not require any extreme grasping or twisting. One-touch operation is a must-have feature when choosing door locks. Having a bathroom door lock with an occupancy indicator is a bonus that can make employees and visitors feel safe, secure, and comfortable. No one likes having to jiggle a door handle to see if the restroom is occupied. With an occupancy indicator, you can eliminate people’s anxiety and cut down on potentially embarrassing moments.

Additionally, if you’re a commercial door supplier, it is important to stay up to date on ADA compliance regulations and make sure you’re adding value to projects by recommending restroom privacy locks that are ADA compliant and have valuable features like occupancy indicators.

For more information about how to be proactive with ADA compliance, check out our blog “Why Commercial Door Suppliers Should Be Proactive with ADA Compliance (Even as a Subcontractor).” Even if you’re not a subcontractor or commercial door supplier, this blog can help you understand the importance of ADA compliance and the tremendous value ADA compliant door locks with occupancy indicators provide.

2 – Commercial Restroom Appearance, Hygiene, and Comfort

For any business, having clean, secure, and nice-looking restrooms are important. Now more than ever, people are vigilant about their health and safety in public places -- especially restrooms. No-touch hand dryers and paper towel dispensers, easy-to-operate doors, and hands-free sinks are increasingly popular, with the COVID-19 pandemic heightening people’s awareness when it comes to the spread of germs.

For restaurants, leasing offices, hospitals, and other businesses with public restrooms, it is important to take appearance, hygiene, and comfort into account. Believe it or not, restrooms can heavily impact customer perception. A customer’s opinion on your establishment can be formed through a good or bad experience, especially for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other places with heavy foot traffic. No one wants to go to a crowded restaurant with single-use restrooms and have to jiggle the door handle, knock, or shout to see if the restroom is vacant or in use. People want to feel safe and comfortable, and when there is a lot of guess work to use the restroom, that sense of insecurity and lack of safety is heightened.

Doors that have occupancy indicators eliminate this problem and keep public restrooms up to customers’ expectations. In 2023, it is important to use equipment that requires as little touch as possible. Door locks with an occupancy indicator can help you eliminate touches from door handle jiggling, and help customers and employees feel comfortable and safe.

For more information about appearance, hygiene, and comfort in public restrooms, check out our blog “How Restaurants Can Improve Accessibility and Inclusion.” You don’t have to be a restaurant owner or manager to get value from this blog; anyone who owns a business can apply these tips!

3 – Commercial Restroom Safety, Security, and Privacy

No matter where you are, you want to feel safe in the restroom. According to Talker News, Nearly 70 percent of Americans have had an unpleasant experience in a commercial restroom due to clogged toilets, jammed paper dispensers, or, worst of all, doors that have gaps in them or don’t latch properly.

When you use door locks with occupancy indicators, you can eliminate the need for door handle jiggling, which can make people feel uncomfortable and even unsafe in the restroom. Additionally, with an ADA compliant door lock with an occupancy indicator, you could avoid potential lawsuits. There is a certain expectation of compliance, privacy, and safety for any business, but especially for places like hospitals and medical facilities. Keeping private areas like patient exam rooms, restrooms, and employee-only areas secure can help you avoid lawsuits and help you pass ADA-compliance inspections.

For more information about safety and security in your public restrooms, check out our blog “Simplifying ADA Door Locks for Hospital Systems – 5 Things to Consider to Ensure Compliance, Privacy, and Security.” Even if you don’t run a hospital or medical facility, this blog can help you establish and maintain a level of trust with customers and employees in your business.

Additional reading: “Requirements for Hospital Bathroom Door Hardware in 2023.”

4 – Commercial Restroom Door Lock Cost, Quality, and Value

ADA compliance, safety, and comfort are all important factors to consider when it comes to public restrooms. But how can you keep your restrooms up to standard without spending an arm and a leg? There will always be door hardware manufacturers known for having top quality components and engineering, and other door hardware manufacturers that cut corners on materials in order to offer a budget product to the market. Price is not always an indicator of quality and durability, and some door hardware manufacturers will bump up costs if they offer exclusive designs or products that you can only get from them.

Vizilok’s commercial entrance locks are a great value-based solution for commercial properties, office buildings, hospitals, and more. They are durable - built to withstand heavy use and foot traffic, they add enhanced privacy and security, and they are a fraction of the cost of designer brands while offering all the important features business owners and facility managers are looking for.
You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to get a lock that will give you, your employees, and your guests peace of mind.

For more information about commercial door lock cost, quality, and value, check out our blog “Vizilok Buyer’s Guide for Commercial Entrance Door Locks.” This article is helpful for anyone who is looking for a commercial entrance door lock but might not know how to get the best price for what they’re looking for.

Vizilok provides ADA compliant locks that offer safety, security, and comfort for all industries.

We created Vizilok door handles with occupancy indicators so that no one needs to pull the handle to see if the door is locked. We’ve helped more than 10,000 customers make their restrooms and other private areas feel pleasant, safe, and secure. This is how we have operated over the years and it’s how we’ll continue to operate in the new year.

Are you ready to make your public restrooms the best they can be? Get started in three simple steps:

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