Where Should You Install Locks with Occupancy Indicators? 5 Places You Can Install Occupancy Indicators in Your Commercial Property

When it comes to commercial properties like restaurants, hospitals and medical facilities, office spaces, or other properties with lots of foot traffic, it is important to use hardware that gives people peace of mind when they are using the restroom or other private areas.

After installing door handles with occupancy indicators, you as a commercial property manager can feel better about your business and your customers can feel safe and have peace of mind. No more door handle jiggling or embarrassing accidental walk-ins. 

Additionally, Vizilok’s occupancy indicators are more convenient and cost effective than other brands, as you can purchase a single piece of hardware rather than having to purchase and install multiple parts. Most brands require you to purchase the occupancy indicator deadbolt separately from the lever. When you have to make multiple purchases, the installation process can be more complicated and expensive. Once you finally have all the hardware you need, you’ll probably have to use a drill for installation. If you don’t own a drill, this adds another complicated layer to a process that should be easy. With Vizilok’s occupancy indicators, you only need the lock and a screwdriver. No drilling required! 

In this article, we’re going to share some of the best places to install occupancy indicators, as well as some additional resources depending on what industry you’re in.

Hospitals and Medical Offices

Privacy in hospitals and medical offices is important and should not be taken lightly. Although a lot of hospitals have restrooms with stalls, many private medical offices use single-use restrooms. If you are the property manager at a hospital or medical office, utilizing occupancy indicators for your restrooms and other areas that need to stay private can help patients and staff feel comfortable and secure.

With an occupancy indicator, there is no need to pull the door handle to see if it is occupied. This can give people a greater feeling of security. 

People have higher standards when it comes to medical practices and hospitals; something that might be tolerated in a gas station or restaurant like lower quality restrooms would be completely unacceptable in a hospital or medical office.

To learn more about restroom door locks in healthcare facilities, check out our blog “Best Restroom Door Locks for Medical Offices and Community Hospitals – The 5 Basic Checks Your Facility Must Pass.”

Restaurants and Cafes: Restrooms 

In a survey of 2,000 Americans, nearly 70% avoid going to the restroom in public. Why is this? Most people just don’t feel comfortable using the restroom outside of their home. This could be for a lot of reasons, but most likely, security and vulnerability are at the top of the list. Using the restroom in public can be anxiety-inducing for people. Faulty locks, stalls with large gaps, and an overall lack of privacy will feed into peoples’ fears and make their aversion to public restrooms even stronger.

When customers visit your restaurant, the last thing they would want is to get walked in on or have someone stand outside jiggling the door handle, knocking, or shouting to see if the restroom is occupied. This problem is only heightened in crowded restaurants where it is difficult to hear if someone is in the restroom. When it comes to restaurants and cafes, customer perception is a huge part of the dining experience. If a customer feels uncomfortable or unsafe in the restroom, that could cause them not to come back or even leave a bad review.

To learn more about the benefits of occupancy indicators in restaurants and cafes, check out our blog “How Restaurants Can Improve Accessibility and Inclusion.”

Office Buildings: Restrooms, Meeting Spaces, and Conference Rooms 

Office spaces require lots of privacy. Whether it’s a private office, conference room, or restroom, using locks with occupancy indicators can help employees feel cared for. 

No one wants to feel uncomfortable at work. It might seem like a small thing, but keeping private spaces private can be a good way to cultivate a caring environment and improve overall morale. 

To learn more about the benefits of using occupancy indicators in office spaces, check out our blog “ADA Compliance and Codes for Door Locks in 2022 – New Rules Commercial Property Managers Must Meet.”

Retail Spaces: Restrooms 

If you manage any kind of retail space, it is important to maintain health and safety standards. Regardless of what kind of retail space you manage, considering the layout of your store and implementing certain safety measures can help customers and employees feel safe and secure while shopping.

Like restaurants and cafes, customer perception is a huge factor in retail spaces. We know that nearly 70% of people are “holding it” when they’re going out, mainly because they don’t feel comfortable in public restrooms. When you use occupancy indicators, you can create a positive impression on customers. As small as it might sound, someone’s experience in your restroom can be a major factor in whether they return to your store or not. 

College Campuses and Universities: Restrooms and Private Study Rooms

College campuses and universities see a lot of foot traffic. Students and faculty are just trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and the last thing people want to worry about is using the restroom.

When you use occupancy indicators, you can improve peace of mind for students and faculty by providing them with a safe and comfortable space. Using the restroom is just a fraction of someone’s day, but a bad experience can cause it to live in their mind for a long time. 

To learn more about using occupancy indicators on college campuses, check out our blog “Commercial Indicator Door Locks for College Campuses and Universities: Giving Students, Faculty, and Family Members Peace of Mind.” 

Vizilok Occupancy Indicator Locks Can Provide Peace of Mind Regardless of Industry

Whether you’re the head of security for a college campus, manage a commercial property, or are a restaurant owner, using occupancy indicator locks can give customers, patients, and employees the peace of mind they need to move through their day without feeling uncomfortable or avoiding using the restroom just because they don’t want to face door handle jiggling or awkward walk-ins. With Vizilok’s Occupancy Indicator Locks, you can avoid intrusion into private spaces and provide people with the peace of mind they deserve. 

Vizilok Occupancy Indicator Locks are More Convenient and Cost Effective than Other Brands

Not only can you provide peace of mind to your customers with Vizilok’s occupancy indicators, but you also get the convenience of a single piece of hardware as opposed to having to purchase and install multiple parts. Other brands don’t sell the lever with the indicator, making the process more complicated, expensive, and stressful than it needs to be. Not to mention, other locks might require extra drilling, which can be inconvenient. Vizilok’s occupancy indicator locks are the easiest indicator to install. All you need is the door handle and a screwdriver! 

Ready to provide customers, patients, and employees with peace of mind? Get started in three easy steps:

1) Buy Vizilok door handles

2) Install in minutes

3) Make people feel safe and secure

Shop Vizilok’s featured occupancy indicator locks here.

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